Our Mission


-To facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence.


-To harness students' potential for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.


-To foster in students a commitment towards society and the nation.


-To sensitize students to environmental issues.


-To inculcate in students an ability to think independently and choose right from wrong on the basis of strong ethical values.

Sathaye College

Online Admission for academic year 2016-2017

About the Sathaye College

Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association founded in 1921 along with a school established Parle College, with a vision to establish an institution of higher learning. This Arts and Science college immediately attracted large number of students and with Principal C. B. Joshi as the founding Principal, the college flourished. He pursued academic excellence relentlessly. Dr. K. S. Nargund, doyen of organic chemistry put the college name in the research area of chemistry.

In 1965 after the sudden demise of Principal C. B. Joshi, Prof. P. M. Potdar, an economist took over as Principal under his able guidance the college sealed new heights of glory. A number of new subjects like Microbiology & Statistics were included in the degree college to meet the ever growing demand for job oriented courses. Prof. R. G. Sohoni took over after Principal Potdars’ retirement, who had already won the Best Teacher Award from the Govt. of Maharashtra.

‘Parle College’ was renamed as ‘Sathaye College’ in 1993 because of the generous contribution from the Sathaye foundation.

Dr. S. V. Panse took charge as Principal in 1996 and continued to steer the college along the road to progress. When he was appointed as Director Board of College and University Development, University of Mumbai, Dr (Mrs.) K. S. Rege was appointed as the Principal in 2001.

To equip the students for the 21st Century, new subjects and courses were introduced from time to time, like, B.Sc(I.T.), BMS, BMM along with M.Sc(I.T.) and Ph.D in Physics.

She brought in an enthusiasm and an aim to be the best. During her tenure, the college was granted ‘A’ grade by NAAC which was a crowning glory, a culmination of her untiring and dedicated efforts.

Sathaye College has thus given substance to the vision of its founding fathers: “Purnata Gauravaya”. Every year hundreds of young people leave its portals equipped not just with degrees, but also with life enhancing skills: therein lies the measures of its success.